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NUKKLEAR is the new force in development and publishing of multiplayer games specifically made for touch screens and tablets like iPad - all Free-to-play.

Our games offer unique interactive experiences - optimized for touch and of the highest quality. We are present in North America and Europe right from the start.


Latest News

  • Fission process started

    2013-03-01 | We are going NUKKLEAR.
  • Four video game industry veterans and gamers by heart set off to new frontiers.

    2013-01-12 | The goal: Simply deliver the most fun, visually stunning and ass-kicking multiplayer games on tablets, browsers and other platforms - and truly connect people through them. read more...

Latest News

  • Fission process started

    2013-03-01 | We are going NUKKLEAR.
  • Four video game industry veterans and gamers by heart set off to new frontiers.

    2013-01-12 | The goal: Simply deliver the most fun, visually stunning and ass-kicking multiplayer games on tablets, browsers and other platforms - and truly connect people through them. read more...


NUKK - formerly CEO of Reakktor, creator of the mmogs Neocron and Black Prophecy

NUKK - formerly general manager of a leading european publisher in America

NUKK - formerly director business development of one of the leading european mmo publishers

NUKK - one of Europe's most experienced mobile game developer (since the 90s)
  • BangBangBang
  • War Tactics
  • Desdroid
  • Horizon Overdrive
Horizon Overdrive
Diablo meets Aliens.

Horizon Overdrive

Is a Space Opera Action RPG in a unique Sci-Fi Fantasy setting.

- HORIZON OVERDRIVE will blend High Fantasy with a classic Space Opera into a gripping Science Fantasy setting
- It will take the best of both worlds to create a new and unique game experience
- Diverse, interesting Alien races will step in to replace the tiring Orcs&Elfs scheme

The Stellar League is as ancient as it is powerful. Its history stretches back to the fierce Goraki Frontier Wars when the seven primal star-faring civilizations united their powers to finally fight back the enemy. Today, only scattered Goraki corsairs remind of these distant events. Centuries of prosperity and peace followed the Grand Frontier Wars in which younger cultures, humankind among them, joined the League. This alliance prospers in peaceful expansion, its outer interests administered by the Grand Stellar Council. Some say, however, that the League has grown old and tired.

Things changed radically with the advent of the Kashkut, a ruthless warrior race that took the League's rim systems by brutality and surprise. The civilized world is in turmoil, wavering between tribute negotiations, half-hearted war preparations and sheer panic. The world as we thought we knew it is about to turn upside down...

- HO will take the best elements from classic science fiction space operas like the Star Wars franchise, the Captain Future universe, the Valérian and Laureline comics or The 5th Element movie
- The predominant visual tone will be bright and colorful
- The game features an isometric camera view
- The avatar/spaceship is displayed in the center of the screen for optimal overview
- Camera distance, position and angle are fixed, the character will of course be visible from all sides

- distinguishable character classes, design to fulfill clearly defined roles within their group
- the design goal has been to lend an air of uniqueness to each archetype, carried through in the weapons design
- each class is still at the core a damage dealer to ensure a fun game experience in solo play

- the player gains experience point for slaying enemies, turning in completed quests and reaching certain crucial game achievements
- experience points add up and result in level-ups

- each character has a fixed set of stats like strength, agility, intelligence and others
- with each level-up the player can assign stat points to enhance his avatars
- stat choices are enforced within the class design, meaning for a tank, building up your stamina will make a lot more sense compared to enhancing intelligence
- each character class possesses a unique set of skills that individualize the character based on personal play style
- the player gets one skill point for level up, which can be used to unlock new skills and perfect existing ones

- HO will be heavily driven by items
- Hundreds of weapons like rifles, shotguns, pistols and different types of armor is available to customize the avatar
- Ship parts and heavy artillery will be used to equip your space ship
- Sophisticated loot tables will be utilized to randomly create new items
- Item randomization includes the weapons look and name as well as its stat
bonuses, proc’s and special abilities
- Item sets unlock special set boni when worn completely

- regular items can be upgraded adding substances or gadgets
- some of them can be obtained through the item store, some looted from mobs, others are quest rewards
- no special skill is required to mod an item
- crafting components allow for the crafting of new items
- crafting requires a certain expertise as tinkerer or mechanic

- player squads consist of up to 4 avatars, playing solo will not include supporting NPC squad members
- joining a multiplayer game will be easy and convenient: players meet in one of the games hub sectors and head off into action
- players already in game can summon others
- with each new player joining or leaving, enemy difficulty is raised and lowered dynamically

- the game will offer a wide range of achievments
- examples are: encompassing topics like exploration, defeating enemies, story and quest goals, wealth and status goals

- hub sectors are persistent areas of the game world where players can trade, team up and interact with trade and quest NPCs
- when a quest or mission is accepted the player or squad leaves the hub to go into action
- hubs are the center of the social interaction, teeming with players and NPCs alike - hubs are a no-fight safe zone
- they are linked to a number of local action levels and with each
other through space travel

- the center of the games action, solving quests and missions
- reached via their appropriate hub sector
- instanced and randomized
- two types available: Ground and Space action

- the HO universe offers countless possibilities for exotic and unique ground combat and exploration
- from planets covered in lush vegetation to gigantic and strangely deserted alien ruins to worlds rich on resources but scarce on water with endless glaring crystal deserts and mining complexes overrun by hostile swarms, gorgeous and towering city states ravaged by civil wars and intrigue
- while the majority of the action takes place in the open, there will be plenty of interior levels (dungeons) from temple zones, deep mining complexes, infested city sewers to luxurious deep sea residences only to be reached by submarines

- Space in HO is full of danger and mystery
- From ancient asteroid mining operations overrun by hostile alien drones to hidden zones fiercely protected by corporate mercenaries and pirate-infested sectors where might makes right and only the ruthless survive
- Many surprises await like giant dread dreadnought class battleships floating through space seemingly unmanned, deserted space stations harboring untold mysteries, smuggler hide- outs hidden deep beneath asteroid belts and guarded heavily by corsairs

- space travel occurs in space action levels
- the player will command his own vessel, which can be tricked out with custom enhancements
- salvaging and repairing the first ship is part of the main quest line
- three main elements are included: travel between worlds, intense fights with hostile forces and exploration of the unknown parts of the vast universe

- ships can be modified, augmented and tuned to fit individual play styles
- players can create agile scout ships, heavily armored assault vessels or versatile patrol ships
- parts can be salvaged or bought and acquired through quests and missions

- fighting enemies will always be inspire a subliminal feeling of pride and superiority as the player hacks his way through hordes of countless enemies, plunders their loot and rises in rank and skill
- the game employs a smart cover system which players can weave into their fighting style
- each action level has a boss fight at the end with a Champion NPC, exceptionally tough and mean and they love the company of minions

- parts of all levels will be destructible, some of them can be used as advantage (exploding barrels etc.)

- vehicles like rocket scooters will be available at pre-defined locations
- vehicles can be used to shorten travel time within a level or as means to overcome geographical level barriers
  • Horizon Overdrive
  • Horizon Overdrive
  • Horizon Overdrive
  • Horizon Overdrive
Neocron Reloaded
Neocron is back. In the browser.
Bigger. Better. Free2Play.

Neocron Reloaded

Is the successor of Europe's true pioneer in MMO's – re-imagined and completely re-engineered for the 21st century.
Get ready for the next evolution of neocron, setting out to raise the bar for Free-to-Play MMO games.

- launched 2002 as the first German made MMO, years ahead of genre champion World of Warcraft.
- Set apart from the Orcs & Elfs genre stereotypes with its unique cyberpunk/apocalyptic setting and gaining a large following active until today
- More than 250.00 players generated revenues exceeding 14 Million Dollars
- Over 100 million hours played
- 3 available language options

- set in a post-apocalyptic 28th century
- two large cities emerge from the final conflict, but are now on the brink of destruction again: Neocron and Dome of York
- if you like Blade Runner, you will love neocron

- Skill based character development system – no level grind
- Optional in-game PVP protection (no physical divide between PVP and PVE players)
- Advanced faction system boosting PVP gameplay

- 4 character classes with 5 main skills and 32 subskills each
- 12 different player factions
- 7 trade skills and thousands of recipes
- More than 5000 player usable items
- Housing option with more than 50 distinct apartment types available
- Hundreds of housing items, from trophies to furniture
- 40 player usable transportation technology from bikes to tanks and planes
- more than 900 different zones

- neocron in its current version is a client based MMO
- proprietary client/server and network technology
- neocron RELOADED will utilize the highly advanced Unity engine technology, paired with our proven, reliable and scalable network and backend technology, community support tools and maintenance tools

nc RELOADED is NOT developed from scratch, with a very good reason:
- cost effective development utilizing already available assets and mechanics which will be brought up to todays high-quality standard
- a very unique setting which still stands out from any competition
- a uniquely short development cycle to release

nc RELOADED will be a browser based game - no client install necessary

- Free-to-Play
- * Monetization through micro-transactions on item purchases (boosters, stats, time savers)
* Optional subscription model and convenience packages for high-rollers

  • Neocron Reloaded
  • Neocron Reloaded
  • Neocron Reloaded
  • Neocron Reloaded
The ultimate Mech carnage.


Is a fast paced action PVP racing shooter multiplayer game. Wipe-out meets Unreal Tournament.

- Dark futuristic game world in which the player controls highly mobile combat droids
- Warhammer meets classic American Comic

- PC/Mac stand alone download client
- HTML/HTML5 based version utilizing Nukklear engine technology
- Connectivity features for mobile devices

- Modular droid upgrade system
- Unique droid propulsion system
- Physics-based driving mechanics with player tunable settings (damping, friction and more)
- Resource and upgrade system adding to gameplay depth and replayability
- Player avatar customization
- 1-click matchmaking functionality
- Rankings and multi-layered communication options for added social component

- 14+ with core target 30+

- Free-to-Play game with micro-transactions
- Optional premium account/subscription option
- Advanced features on mobile devices (tablets, iOS/Android)
  • Desdroid
  • Desdroid
  • Desdroid
  • Desdroid
Twice the fun.
Triple the BANG.


Is a classic browser game blending the best elements of the genre leader Travian with the bestseller Stronghold Kingdoms in a unique Wild West setting.

- classic trade simulation strategy including resource management, individual player character progression and much more
- fight with other players to gain the upper hand in the Wild West

- highly likeable graphic style with a cartoon look
- positive, friendly tone with lovely details, based on the well-known genre Wild West

- cross platform (browser, tablet)
- HTML/HTML5 based Nukklear engine technology
- Connectivity features for mobile devices

- 3 factions, each with its own special abilities
- 30 individual units and more than 25 building types
- dynamic mission and adventure generator
- appealing animation for a AAA look distinctly different from the competition in the segment
- web apps for mobile devices for more interaction, engagement, retention and revenue

- 14+ with core target 30+
- attractive and thrilling for beginners and pro’s alike

- Free-to-Play browser game with no download client
- Advanced features on mobile devices (tablets, iOS/Android)
  • BangBangBang
  • BangBangBang
  • BangBangBang
  • BangBangBang
War Tactics

War Tactics

World War III breaks out as a result of the cold war. Defend the U.S. against russian troops or conquer the russian heartland in this turn-based strategy game on regimental scale.

- Alternate reality strategy game settled shorty after the cold war
- Hex based mapdesign like the old battletech tabletop games

- Tablets and touch-sensitive smartphones (Android / iOS) application
- Easily portable to web / facebook as FLASH application

- Up to 50 different playable units
- Overarching storyline in campaign mode
- Terrain sensitive battlemaps
- Rich tactical sepcial system with options like parachuting, sniping, decoy signals etc.
- Short match duration of 5 to 15 minutes
- Player reward system

- 14+ with core target 30+

- Small price product via app shop / digital download
- New campaigns sold as standalone expansions
  • War Tactics
  • War Tactics
  • War Tactics
  • War Tactics
Be reckless Radical.
Kill 'em all.


An innovative arena shooter featuring a unique crafting system and chemical themed campaigns with a distinguished graphical design.
  • Radical
  • Radical
  • Radical
  • Radical

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