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Finest development of games with talents working in the industry since 1999

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NUKKLEAR is a game development studio based in Hanover, Germany, but the team is one without borders, geographical or otherwise. Since its inception, NUKKLEAR has built a team of the best talent they could find, from Germany to New Zealand, veteran game developers to rising stars. Professionalism, flexibility, and a little bit of rock and roll have been the foundation of the great work NUKKLEAR has done in their 10-plus year history.

Ongrowing 50+ Family Members

The hybrid remote/on-site team consists of 50+ highly passionate professionals, a unique blend of veteran game developers and highly gifted new talents from different cities and countries.

Award Winning Studio

As an award winning studio, with a balanced focus on in-house IPs as well as Work-for-Hire endeavors, we have crafted a name for ourselves, becoming a highly sought after team at the forefront of the European developer scene.

Multiplayer & Game Engine Specialists

We are well regarded as Unreal and Unity experts by our clients and fans alike, with vast knowledge and decades of experience, engineering highly scalable synchronous and asynchronous multiplayer solutions.


Scroll through the list of top milestones in history of Nukklear.

NUKKLEAR founded


Vertical slice of an co-op shooter
in co-production with Rockfish Games

Pocket Starships

Project CARS GO

The Guild 3
UX/UX re-work for
THQ Nordic


Berlin TXL
VR application

Destroy All Humans
UI/UX rework for THQ Nordic
and Black Forrest Games

Comanche Release
Full Multiplayer Game Development

Government Grant
Co-Development with
Funcom on project DUNE

Our Expertise

Over the years NUKKLEAR thrives to an award winning family of experts not only in the field of multi platform game developement and multiplayer gaming solutions.

Multiplatform Game Development

We love to develop our own games and IP's. From indie game to big scale production, from platformer to ARPG, we have several internal teams working on very different projects.

Multiplayer Experts

Multiplayer Game Development has some very special requirements and we have a long history in this. From Neocron, a very early MMORPG, to Comanche, a multiplayer-heavy vehicle based shooter: we created a satisfying online multiplayer experience.

Experienced Co-Development Team

We love to team up with other companies in this great games industry and help to complete the most interesting and ambitious game projects. We love to be your partner in crime!

UI / UX Services

Through the numerous past projects our UI / UX team collected valuable experience and became real experts in this field. This allowed us to partner up with other dev teams to improve their game UI / UX.

The World is our Home – Literally!

Numbering 50+ and growing, our team consists of a rich variety of talented individuals from more than 20 countries.

We value and cultivate the creative atmosphere and collaborative spirit present at NUKKLEAR. For our games to provide joy, we know the process of creating them must be enjoyable too.