Klaus Lee

Do you remember Klaus Lee?

No? Well, you should! Why? Because he lived in the glorious, neon tinted, non PC and heavily intoxicated decade of the 80’s and he enjoyed this time to the max! And he had the best stories to tell!
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Cop, Investor, Stuntman

He almost became a cop in Beverly Hills but then he decided to apply for a job as a private investigator on Hawaii. Moving back to L.A. he worked as an unknown stuntman. And that one time he came a bit too late to a job interview at a New York startup.

A guy called Zeddemore got the job as a buster of paranormal entities and it was a really close call. And did you know that Klaus trained Maverick how to fly his jet and how to play Beach Volleyball? This is only a glimpse of what he had experienced during this time, Klaus was really busy man!


Trapped in a Computer Game

He enjoyed playing video games. One day he was playing on his woodgrain colored console with two playmates on his side like he used to do it and he… got sucked into the screen. Since this day he is gone. Well somehow not really gone. He is INSIDE the game.

How he got there? Well, probably some Weird Science. These were the 80’s after all. And this is the reason you haven’t heard about him.

Planned Features

  • Classic gameplay in a brand new game
  • Over 100 challenging levels by our cruel level designers
  • Create your own levels with the comfortable level editor
  • Share your level creations to the world
  • Load a potentially neverending number of user generated levels
  • Cross platform level share / load

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